Online Mental Health Resources

At Mind Wellness Counseling, our mission is to help free as many people as possible from the constraints of depression and negative thoughts.

While everyone’s struggle is unique and must be treated as such, we have made these eBooks available to provide mental health tips that can benefit everyone. Mind Wellness Counseling is dedicated to providing compassionate, individualized therapy to people in Royal Oak and beyond. We are also here to help our neighbors in the Birmingham, Troy, Detroit, Huntington Woods, Madison Heights, and Ferndale communities. To schedule a session, reach out to us online today. We are here to help you through mental struggles so you can live your most positive life.

Clinical Depression eBook

In this eBook by Mike Samar (Licensed Master Social Worker [LMSW], Academy of Certified Social Workers [ACSW], Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work [BCD]), you can find thorough information about clinical depression — its definitions, forms, symptoms, treatments, and more.

The book focuses on the serious nature of depression, and treats it as something that needs to be viewed in the same way as a physical ailment. Download this book to learn more about the causes behind depression, and steps you can take to treat it. This eBook is an excellent resource if you believe you may be suffering from symptoms of depression, and want to know more about it before reaching out for help. When you’re ready to reach out for help, you can contact us at Mind Wellness in Royal Oak to schedule a free initial consultation.

Mind Wellness

Also written by Mike Samar (LMSW, ACSW, BCD), this eBook explores the concept of mindfulness in your daily life, and the range of benefits you can see from this practice.

The simplest explanation of mindfulness is to be fully present in the moment. This book explains how you can create a greater focus on mindfulness in your daily life, and shares some tips to focus on. Mindfulness can be a beneficial practice of self-love, and this book is an excellent starting point to make a positive change in your life heading into the new year. At Mind Wellness Counseling, we want to help everyone we counsel reach their best mindset to live their happiest lives.

Research of Eating Disorders

Written by Mind Wellness therapist Olivia Kornack (Limited Licensed Professional Counselor [LLPC], National Certified Counselor [NCC], M.A. in Clinical Mental Health from Oakland University), this eBook contains information about eating disorders, notably Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder. Download this free eBook to learn more about causes, conditions, and potential treatments for eating disorders. While this book is an excellent source of information, it is intended only as an educational resource and not a means of diagnosis. If you have struggled with eating disorders, you can reach out to us at Mind Wellness Counseling for therapy in Royal Oak. Olivia Kornack, the author of this text, specializes in therapy for eating disorders, self esteem, and a wide variety of other concerns. Reach out to us today to schedule a session

Depression Therapy in Royal Oak

While these eBooks are a great resource, the benefits of talking to a qualified therapist about your anxiety or depression symptoms cannot be overstated — we want to offer as many ways to help as possible. Mind Wellness in Royal Oak can help you on your journey to better, clearer mental health. Download our free eBooks for more information, and reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.