Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a serious issue. It can prevent you from living your best life, and it’s even more challenging to admit that you have it than to deal with the symptoms.

But there are ways to overcome social anxiety and get your life back—and it starts with recognizing what’s going on in your brain.

When we’re around other people, we experience an increase in activity in our amygdala, which is the part of our brain that deals with emotions like fear and stress. This is normal! But if you’ve got social anxiety, the amygdala is overactive—in other words, it’s super sensitive to those emotions. And when your amygdala is overactive, and you’re around other people who are feeling excited or stressed out or angry, that can lead to some very uncomfortable feelings for you.

It also means that every time something happens, that reminds you of being anxious—for example, if someone asks how your day went at work and you feel like they’re judging you through your response —your brain will automatically start firing off all kinds of signals that can cause you to feel stressed.

Social anxiety can make it hard to leave the house, let alone interact with people. But there are ways to overcome this debilitating fear.


  1. Find your tribe

Social anxiety is at its worst when you’re out of your comfort zone and surrounded by strangers, so finding your tribe is a crucial first step in overcoming it. Getting involved in activities that connect you with like-minded others will help you feel more comfortable when you’re out and about.


  1. Addressing the root causes of your anxiety

If you’ve been suffering from social anxiety for a long time without much success in overcoming it, now may be the time to consider talking to a therapist about what’s contributing to your anxiety. Chances are there are certain situations or triggers that make you nervous and addressing those head-on can help reduce your overall level of nervousness about being around other people. 

If you can’t find one locally, look online for an affordable option. You’ll want someone who understands how debilitating social anxiety can be and has helped others get over it.

If you or your loved one is suffering from social anxiety and would like to speak to someone about what you’re going through, reach out to one of our licensed professionals today.

Click here to schedule an appointment with a therapist.


  1. Join an anxiety support group

Many cities have groups like this where people can meet up for support and advice from others going through the same thing as them. The best part about these groups is that they don’t cost anything! It’s nice because it allows you to meet new people and get advice from those who have been through similar experiences as yourself.

It’s important to remember that social anxiety isn’t going to go away on its own. You have to work on overcoming it with some help from a therapist or a friend who understands what you’re going through.

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