Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching

What is Mindfulness Coaching and How Can it Help?

It can be difficult to start any new practice in our life, and mindfulness and meditation are no exceptions. It’s helpful to have an experienced guide who can teach us the basics, hold us accountable for our practice, and offer guidance and support when we encounter difficulties.

Maybe you’ve already tried practicing mindfulness, but you convinced yourself you were doing it wrong. Maybe your mind wouldn’t shut off, EVER. Maybe you found it hard to stick with the practice. Maybe you just know you need to do something to reduce your stress and live with less overwhelm … and more presence.

That’s where we come in.

We can give you personalized attention, guidance, and instruction in mindfulness and meditation so you can reduce your stress and find your joy.


We offer mindfulness for both adults and teens:

Adults: We will help you reach more inner calm, stay more grounded, and find an inner joy.

Teens: We will help you navigate the stresses of school, family, and friends, and learn skills that will last a lifetime!

Mindfulness Coaching

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